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Badgesaplenty: if you want to design your own badges* or stickers we can custom make them for you! We can also package badges in bag packs and all badge and sticker orders include FREE postage.

About badgesaplenty.com
Who we are and a bit of history...

We started making badges in 1999, launched our website in 2005 and we've made badges and merchandise for thousands of different folk since then.

We're a UK based custom pin badge maker / button badge / sticker run by my good self Mr Stephen Prince and we're based in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

badgesaplenty badges

We've made badges and merchandise for musicians, creative chaps, creative chapesses, schools, events, exhibitions, bands, gigs, festivals, illustrators, artists, designers, clothes labels. Basically we've made badges for all kinds of folk.

Some of the people we've made badges etc for include musician Holly Golightly, illustrator Pete Fowler, artist/musician James Cauty (KLF/The JAMMS), Erasure, illustrator Vince Ray, artist/musician Daniel Johnston, author Danny Wallace, New York No-Wave legend Lydia Lunch, Natasha Khan's Bat For Lashes, Little White Lies film magazine, comic book artist/musician Jeffrey Lewis, an obscure band called Radiohead...

Basically we've made badges and merchandise for a quite fascinatingly diverse selection of people.
In fact you could say that say that it's something of a speciality of ours.

We can post badge etc orders out to anywhere in the UK and most of the rest of the world.

Along with the classic 25mm/1" pin badges, we can also make larger 45mm badges, fabric badges, stickers, makeup mirrors, keyrings and fridge magnets.

If you've any questions just email us at: questions@badgesaplenty.com

*Badges are sometimes also known as pin badges or button badges, just in case you were wandering why we use those two different phrases: they mean the same thing.

We're a UK based custom badge and sticker making company. If you want to design your own badges etc we can make them for you.

We can custom make
25mm badges, 45mm badges, 45mm keyrings, 25mm keyrings, stickers, 45mm fridge magnets, 25mm fridge magnets, makeup mirrors, printed fabric badges and fabric badges from your material.

We make badges, stickers etc for zines, creative folk, bands, schools, events, exhibitions. Basically for all kinds of folk.

We've made badges and merchandise for Holly Golightly, badges for Kings Have Long Arms, badges for James Cauty (KLF/JAMMS), badges for Erasure, badges for Vince Ray, badges for Terry Edwards/Sartorial Records/Lydia Lunch, badges for Trojan Records, badges for Little White Lies Magazine, badges for Radiohead, badges for Bat For Lashes, badges for Jeffrey Lewis...