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This page has a small selection of the vast array of badge designs we've made over the last few years.

Along the way we've made badges for all kinds of creative folk, badges for illustrators and comic book artists, badges for schools, badges for museums, badges for music and arts festivals, badges for independent clothing labels and record companies, badges for the NHS, badges for clubs of all sorts and varieties and a good old selection of musicians.

You can have a bit of a peruse of some of the badges below and on the links page page I've also got links to some of the folk I've made badges for.



We've made badges for all kinds of different folk, if we mentioned them all here it would be something of a long page, so here's a list of just a few of the folk we've made badges for that you may have heard of or you may well of not...

We've made badges for musician Holly Golightly, Sheffield electro-expert Kings Have Long Arms, musician/artist Daniel Johnston, the Night and Day venue (Manchester), The Brudenell Social Club (Leeds), James Cauty (KLF/The JAMMS), musician/comic book artist Jeffrey Lewis...

And badges for hotrod'n'rock'n'roll illustrator Vince Ray, badges for a somewhat obscure band called Radiohead,
Forward Russia, Smash Skates, Trojan Records, The Hi-Fi Club (Leeds), Left Lion Magazine (Nottingham), avant garde saxophonist Terry Edwards (Sartorial Records/Lydia Lunch), illustrator Pete Fowler, Diamond Jacks Tattoo, Procol Harum, Arthole (Bruce Brand/Masonics/Thee Headcoats), The Wendy House club (Leeds), Ed's Diner (London)...

badge selection

...and badges for (after a pause for breath) The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Fred's Flying Circus, Fert (Feret Education and Research Trust!), Raucous Records, Bat For Lashes, The National Maritime Museum,
author Danny Wallace...

badge selection

...and not forgetting the badges we've made for Benjamin Wetherill, a fair few schools, an NHS Trust or two, Pollinates (ex-Pulp), badges for Erasure, Shortfuse literature festival, illustration based clothing designers Brennan & Burch, author Joolz Denby/NYAAA, GoJonnyGoGoGo Records, Little White Lies film magazine...

...which is a proud rolecall of honour.

Here are just a few of the badges we've made:




Well, for a fine, creative use of badges we have made, look no further than betty&me.

Quite lovely stuff.

You can order them here and they're on Facebook here.

Bat For Lashes badgesBat For Lashes

We made some rather fine badges for Natasha Khan's Bat For Lashes.

Not Part Of festival guide with badgesaplenty

Badgesaplenty made the badges on the cover of The Not Part Of Festival Guide, used in the design of the poster etc.

The festival took place June 30th - July 16th 2011 across Manchester and included literally hundreds of events, exhibitions, performances etc.

I was in Manchester at the end of June and particularly enjoyed the Re-Covered exhibition at
Untitled Gallery. It made me stop, wander and think. Fine stuff.

The Not Part Of Festival is Manchester's open and inclusive festival, providing a balance to Manchester International Festival. Manchester flings open its doors to artists from across genre's who support and promote each other under one umbrella.


We've made badges for all kinds and sizes of projects, bands and events: from small scale independent crafters to, well... In 2012 we made the badges for Radiohead's world tour and their online merchandise shop.

On the left is the rather nice packaging that they were put together in.

You can see them closer up and order them here.


A new section that I've just put online to showcase the good folk I've made badges for.

Visit that on the links page.

Oh and just in case, here's a few more badges we've made...

leigh bowery badge
printed circuit badge forward russia badge shroomy badge popstarz badge
ex-natives badge boundaries badge arctic circle records badge young believer badge the lies badge
printed circuit badge 2 sinner badge
trash money badge c**t badge skyscraper badge miss-shapes badge
skull badge badge ghetto badge Holly Golightly badge Another skycraper badge
Dog badge NYAAA badge glowing tower block badge Manilla PR badge The Wendy House badge
We're a UK based custom pin badge, sticker and print manufacturer. If you want to make badges etc with your designs, artwork, illustrations and photographs, we can make them to order for you.

We can make
25mm badges, 45mm badges, 45mm keyrings, stickers, 25mm keyrings, 45mm fridge magnets, 25mm fridge magnets, makeup mirrors, printed fabric badges and fabric badges from your material.

We've made badges for zines, creative folk, bands, schools, gigs, publishers, events, exhibitions, badges for all kinds of folk.

We've made badges for Holly Golightly, Kings Have Long Arms, James Cauty (KLF/JAMMS), Erasure, Radiohead, Vince Ray, Terry Edwards/Sartorial Records/Lydia Lunch, Danny Wallace, Trojan Records, Pete Fowler, Little White Lies Magazine,Jeffrey Lewis, Bat For Lashes...

Basically, we've made badges for all kinds of folk.