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All the official sounding stuff. 'Pologies for sound all formal but it's just so that there's something we/customers can refer to. Any orders placed with Badgesaplenty are subject to these terms and conditions.

1) Delivery dates/turnaround times are not a 100% guarantee of an exact date. We always endeavour to achieve these "normal" turnaround times and almost all the time we do but there can be very occassional delays due to for example equipment problems and/or delays in the postal/delivery systems.

Items will only be considered lost if they have not arrived 2 weeks after they have been posted. No refunds/replacements will be undertaken until this amount of time has elapsed.

We are not responsible for any associated loss relating to orders,
late/non-delivery of orders etc.

2) Once you've paid for an order or paid a deposit, no amount is refundable.

3) If there are any faults with an order we must be informed within 24 hours of you receiving it and we will not accept returns without our authorisation.

All orders are thoroughly inspected before despatch and refunds will only be given if there is genuine fault.

Return shipping costs and packaging is the customers responsibility.

4) Once you've paid for an order or paid a deposit, you cannot change the variables of that order such as changes to artwork, quantities etc.

5) No part of an order will be sent out until cleared payment is received in full.

6) All items remain the property of Badgesaplenty until paid for in full.

7) All prices are subject to change without notice.

8) The prices on my site for all items apply if the artwork is supplied finished and print ready. If artwork requires formatting, resizing, touching up etc then there may be an artwork fee.

9) We may use photographs/the designs of your badges/items we have made for your order etc as samples of orders we've made/as backgrounds etc on our site. As a thanks we can put a logo and a short (up to 50 words) paragraph on the links page of our site. Please contact us if you want to have a link on our site.

10) It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they have permission from the copyright holders to use any copyrighted material. Changing things/colours/photos etc a bit does not mean that copyright nolonger applies if it is still recognisable as/still refers to copyrighted designs etc.

11) It is the customers responsibility to supply print ready artwork that is correctly formatted, positioned, of a high enough quality/resolution, legible etc; please refer to the instructions on our site.

We will try and inform you of any obvious technical problems with your artwork but the ultimate responsibility for artwork being correct is with the customer. Any questions about your artwork please email us.

12) We do not offer a fully profiled/colour matched service: in simple language that means that we cannot guarantee that the colours you see on your screen will be exactly the same as on the finished items and from one type of item to another (eg standard badges compared to fabric badges, compared to card headers etc).

We will try and keep as close as possible to your original colours but please bear the above in mind. Colours on monitors are often brighter than finished printed items can be.

Occasionally there can be a slight variation in badge colours/design positioning throughout an order/with the same designs from one order to another.

13) If you are paying via a secure online service (ie via Paypal/credit/debit card using the payment buttons on our site or directly via Paypal) we can only deliver to the address that comes through with the payment. We cannot deliver to an alternative address.

14) Free shipping and shipping costs quoted on the site apply to orders despatched to the UK only. Overseas shipping will incur a surcharge.

Stephen Prince,

If you've any questions please email us.
Custom made 25mm badges, 45mm badges, 45mm keyrings, 25mm keyrings, 45mm fridge magnets, 25mm fridge magnets, makeup mirrors, printed fabric badges, fabric badges from your material and stickers.

We're a UK based custom badge and merchandise manufacturer and we've made merchandise for all kinds of folk: for zines, bands, events, illustrators, festivals, schools etc.

Over the years we've made badges etc for Holly Golightly, James Cauty (KLF/JAMMS), Erasure, Vince Ray, Terry Edwards/Sartorial Records/Lydia Lunch, Trojan Records, Little White Lies Magazine, Radiohead, Bat For Lashes, Jeffrey Lewis...

Along the way we've made an awful lot of badges for just about every situation and use you can imagine.

If you've any questions just email us at: